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    Established as Pappy's Bar in 1947, Pappy's Leathernecks Tavern is located 10 miles west of Minong Wisconsin on the corner of State Highway 77, and County Road F in the heart of Wisconsin's Indianhead Country in northern Washburn County. Centrally located between Highway 53, and old Highway 35, Pappy's has been a cross-roads of the northwoods for more than 60 years.

    Renamed Pappy's "Leathernecks" Tavern in June of 2000 when Ron and Bonnie Crosby assumed ownership, "Pappy's" was retained in the title out of respect for the original owner and namesake, Lester "Pappy" Pope, a Navy veteran of World War I. Pappy apparently was a bit of a pilot, and used to land his small plane on the highway in front of the bar, presumably gravel in those days, until he augered in one day landing on an icy road. A mangled up prop hung over the bar for a number of years, or so the story goes.

    Coincidentally, "Pappy" was also the nickname of a Marine aviator, POW, bona-fide hero and Medal of Honor Recipient of World War II, Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington of Black Sheep Squadron fame. A frequent visitor and good friend to Pappy's until his death in 2010 was Major Jim "Buzz" Sawyer of Rice Lake, Wisconsin. "Buzz" served and flew with Pappy Boyington during World War II, when they become close friends, a bond that lasted for life. "Buzz" was a hero in his own right, having flown countless missions at Guadalcanal, and later in the Korean War, where he flew both fixed-wing and helicopter missions, frequently on the same day. Buzz was taller when he was a young man. He broke his back in at least one semi-controlled-crash landing after having his A/C shot full of holes. Buzz was a big man to his many friends and fellow Marines. 




 7/24/2007 L-R: LtCol Rowdy Sewell, Major "Buzz" Sawyer and me.

F-18 Hornet - Rice Lake Wisconsin Airport

Buzz was elated when he had a chance to get up in the cock-pit one last time.

November 10th, 2005 230th USMC Birthday Rice Lake, Wisconsin. L-R Tom Jackson (USMC) SgtMajor Ron Crosby USMC (Ret) Major "Buzz" Sawyer USMC (Ret) - Tom, from St. Paul, was Buzz's Crew Chief and Air Craft  Mechanic on Guadalcanal in 1942.)

Marines to the end. Semper Fi!

    "Pappys" was also retained in deference to the generations of residents, seasonal residents and visitors that have literally grown up with Pappy's. Many who now bring their children and grand-children to Pappys during canoe season or deer hunting.


    The term "Leathernecks" dates to the days of sailing ships when U. S. Marines were stationed aboard U.S. Naval vessels to maintain good order and discipline, and to repel boarders during sea battles and naval engagements. Marines of the day wore leather stock for collars to ward off or minimize the damage from cutlass and sabre blows. Since that time the term "Leathernecks " has been used to describe one of the worlds premier fighting organizations and as a nick-name for the thousands of men and women who have borne the title Marine, and worn the Eagle, Globe and Anchor since 1775.

    Pappy's Leathernecks Tavern is so named today to honor not only all Marines, both past and present, but veterans of every service. It is intended as a place where old friends worldwide of Sergeant Major Ron Crosby USMC (Retired) and his wife Bonnie, our son Master Sergeant Kenneth Crosby USMC (Retired), and daughter Katie and her husband Chief Gunners Mate Mike Eiker USN, will always have a place to have a cold beer and share sea stories. A place where new friends are made every day.


Visit Leathernecks Tavern and enjoy many interesting displays of motorcycle and military memorabilia.  

Welcome to "Leathernecks"!!!


Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

15 May, 2008

GySgt Kenneth Crosby USMC

SgtMajor Ron Crosby USMC (Ret)

(R) Sergeant Kenneth Crosby

Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

21 December, 2001


(L) Army MAJ Bruce Kemmet 

and I. Balad, Iraq 6/22/2004


(R) Ron Crosby - George Amos

        Sgt's Major USMC (Ret)

George and I served together at MCRD San Diego in the mid-90's. Was great working with George again. 

Camp Slayer, Iraq.  June 2004